1st grade- Bold and underlined- More than 3 provers

2nd grade- Bold and Italic – Seen in at least 2 provers

3rd grade- Plain text- Seen in single provers

The drug picture that evolved is as follows:


Dullness, lack of interest in studies , Lack of concentration. Indolence Wants to be quiet Irritability

Feels very lonely with weeping. Quiet and reserved. Indifference Depression Lack of confidence Anger from contradiction, shouting when angry Remorseful in the morning Restlessness, wants to move about. Disturbing thoughts


Pain in occipital region < ascending > after sleep Pain in temporal region Headache in the morning < reading, < noise,< exertion > after sleep Heaviness of head R side< bending forwards < evening. Headache with nausea < 6-8 pm External: Itching of scalp < night, scratching


Eruptions on forehead with itching, Pustular eruptions Eruptions reddish Painful eruptions


Watery discharge < sun exposure to, dry air. Obstructed nose has to breathe through mouth. < waking > moving about Sneezing at change of temp (cold to warm room).< morning 9 -10 am,

Watering from eyes along with sneezing. Itching and eruptions on margin of eye lids < rt. side, traveling Swelling of upper lids, with sensation of heaviness


Mild pain and itching in left ear lasting for few minutes. Painful boil behind ear (Rt)


Feeling of dryness increased with thirst Salivation with thirst for cold water. Moist mouth but, wants to take sips of water to relieve dryness ( ½ glass at a time) Apthae on tongue, left side margin, inside lower lip, stitching pain, , burning and pricking sensation< spicy food. White coated tongue. Water tastes sweet.


Dryness of throat > warm drinks Hoarseness of voice < talking , < cold water .< evening Rawness of throat with pain < swallowing (empty) and food < morning, night after dinner Tendency to hawk and hem, wants to clear throat. Throat red with white spots on tonsils, granulation posterior wall of pharynx.


Appetite increased < morning and < evening. Craving for spicy sour food Thirst increased for frequent sips of water Nausea after breakfast, night < lying down, < after eating > sitting up. Thirst decreased Sinking sensation Hungry empty feeling. Eructations after meals Fullness after eating little


Flatulence, passing of offensive flatus < evening > passing flatus, eructations temporarily relieve Pain abdomen > motion, moving about Pain in both hypochondrium < sitting > motion or moving about


Painless loose stools, Constipation with no urge for stool stools gushing with mucus, pain in umbilical region after stool lasting for 1-2 hrs, stools clay coloured, unsatisfactory

Urine :

Offensiveness < before menses > after menses, Frequency of urine increased


Increased sexual desire, Thoughts sexual with frequent erections followed by masturbation. Sexual desire diminished, incomplete erections, night emissions, relaxed genitals.


Cramp like pains felt in the lower abdomen one day before menses and the first of day of the periods, Menses early,scanty

Respiratory :

Rawness of throat extends downwards to larynx and chest. Cough from irritation in throat. Breathing increased with feeling of cold air being taken in. Pain in L upper chest lasting for few minutes. Cough < evening with itching in the throat> warm drinks Cough with easy expectoration of light grey mucus


Sharp pinching pain in left nipple lasting for few seconds


Pain lower back, (lumbo-sacral) > rest or sleep Itching eruptions on back


Pain in thighs, (Right to left) with stiffness. Pain in knee joints with weakness in limbs Pain in upper arms. with weakness and trembling while holding objects. Roughness of skin of palms with peeling, Itching on arms, tiny eruptions appearing after scratching. Itching on fingers < night, cold application, Eruption on thigh Pain in leg extending from hip to ankle

Skin: Eruption on back of neck, chest, crop of pimples on back. Very tiny in size < Rt side Eruption as have we seen in different parts of the body.

Fever: Feeling of chilliness with desire to cover, general weakness No fever as such, weakness associated with and sleepiness. Wants to lie down.

Perspiration: Sweat on forehead after sneezing.

Sleep: Unrefreshed in the morning . Drowsiness Difficulty getting up in the morning. Sleeplessness at night, sleep not sound Dreams of eating mud tasting like chocolate.

Modalities: < evening, < morning, < exertion, < exposure to dust > rest, > sleep