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Myths & Facts

  • Myth : Homoeopathy is slow acting.

    Fact : Homoeopathic medicines not only act fast but also leave a long-lasting effect. The results depend on the magnitude of the disease.

  • Myth : Homoeopathic medicines are sweet and therefore, not meant for diabetic patients.

    Fact : The minute sugar content in globules is not harmful to diabetic patients. However, homoeopathic medicines can also be consumed in liquid form which is not sweet.

  • Myth : There are strict dietary restrictions in homoeopathic treatment.

    Fact : It is advisable to cut down on raw onion, raw garlic, strong coffee and mint as they are antidotes to some of the homoeopathic medicines and interfere with the relief action.

  • Myth : The same white pills are given for all types of illnesses.

    Fact : There are over 1200 dilutions in homoeopathy, targeted to different illnesses. The sugar globules are just a medium used by homoeopaths to facilitate medicinal intake.

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